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You’ve heard all the rules. “Write what you know.” “Show, don’t tell.” “Outline first.”

This isn’t that kind of newsletter. We’re going to turn common writing mantras on their head. We’ll explore them in depth, and even challenge some. So that you’re not writing a paint-by-numbers story that’s dead on arrival. You’re creating a living, breathing world that’s alive on the page.

Empower yourself with tools and techniques to create and revise your fiction and non-fiction.

Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of writing blogs and advice on how to write.

And while there’s a lot of brilliant advice out there, there’s also a lot of shorthand recipes. Like, How To Develop Plot In 5 Easy Steps.  Or, 10 Ways to Create Unforgettable Characters.

Prescriptions that might be straitjacketing your writing.

At the Emerging Writers Studio, you’ll get frameworks designed to grow with you and your writing. So you can write your story or book the way only YOU can. Through your vision, your spin on the world, and all that you are.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

In-depth articles exploring the art and craft of writing.

Strategies to help you cultivate the mindsets that get you thinking and acting like a real and serious writer.

Advance notice of course offerings.

Inspiration and loving nudges to keep you writing.

What you won’t get:

Summarized lists that scratch the surface and make writing sound easy.

Writing is not easy. No easier than learning how to spin multiple pirouettes worthy of the MET, or play fluent Rachmaninoff on the piano.

And the truth is, there’s no quick fix when it comes to the art and craft of writing. It’s a lifetime practice.

But it’s joyful work when you know how to play.

Are you in?

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”A wonderful gift for beginning writers!” ~ Brent Robison, author of The Principle of Ultimate Indivisibility.

“Thanks for all you teach me and how well you inspire me.” ~ Katherine Posselt

“Thanks for keeping us writers sharp.” Marina DelVecchio



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