Fiction Writing: The Essentials

How do we bring fiction into the breathing world of the real – a place that drops readers directly into an experience?

Join writer, editor and story coach Nanci Panuccio in this six-week workshop. You’ll practice essential storytelling elements including character and point of view, descriptive detail, scene, dialogue, and structure. Through craft discussions, writing exercises, and reading samples from acclaimed authors, you’ll generate potent new material, get compassionate feedback on your works in progress, and walk away with a wide range of techniques that allow your voice to deepen and flourish.

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About Nanci

Nanci Panuccio is founder of The Emerging Writers Studio and creator of the online course, Writer Unleashed. She’s lectured at Vermont College of Fine Arts where she received her MFA, and has been teaching workshops and mentoring writers since 2006. She’s written for The New Yorker and Redbook, and is a finalist in the Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize, Inkwell Journal’s Fiction Prize, and the Gulf Coast Fiction Award.




About the Workshop

This comprehensive 6-week workshop is ideal for writers who want to write, but are still seeking their form, and for writers who are already writing but want deeper awareness of craft. Lessons focus on specific elements of craft essential to writing powerful fiction.

During our 6-weeks together, you will:

  • Dissolve blocks, misconceptions about the writing process, and faulty mindsets that keep you from your best work.
  • Liberate your voice and find your form.
  • Write with both heart and craft.
  • Learn how to render believable, unforgettable characters readers can relate to.
  • Create scenes and significant moments that sparkle with life.
  • Make a meaningful connection to readers.

How are the classes structured?

Workshops are a balance of feedback on participants’ writing, discussion on various narrative techniques, reading handouts from published writers who master these techniques, and writing exercises designed to help you write with both freedom and control.

Each session begins with discussion focusing on a particular aspect of writing for example, shaping dialogue, or creating mood and tone. The remainder of our time is spent discussing the work of one or two participants. All work is submitted the week prior to its discussion. Having a week to read and contemplate the work allows us to discuss each manuscript in depth. We talk about what works and why, areas where the writing could go deeper, be more powerful, believable, evocative, and so on. What we strive to pinpoint in any submission is not just its less developed aspects, but its most compelling qualities, be it a riveting character or situation, haunting imagery, engaging voice, or inventive language.

I write memoir. Should I still enroll even though this is a fiction workshop?

Yes, the techniques I teach are essential for both forms, and many writers in my workshops are writing memoir and personal essays. You’ll learn how to develop your narrative persona, create riveting scenes and dialogue, and develop complex characters and avoid stereotype. And since you get a chance to workshop your material, you’ll get in depth feedback from me on how to tune nuances in the retrospective voice, which balances between the voice of experience and the voice of innocence.

I still have questions before I decide to enroll. Can I contact you? 

Absolutely. Just email me with Fiction Workshop in the subject line.  Or schedule a free 15-minute phone consult here.

Here’s what past workshop participants have to say…

“Getting closer to, if not yet touching, a misplaced center of imagination was exciting. Finding out that I had not ignored it to death was just what I hoped to get out of the workshop.” ~ Sara Shinbach

“I am thrilled to be in the company of others who are involved in the writing process and with whom I can learn. Nanci is a superb teacher who offers encouragement, insight and her years of experience as a writer.”  ~ Peter Franceschetti

“The quality of analysis from the workshop participants is an eyeopener.”~ Sara Shinbach

“I am learning that writing is a process that not only involves consistent effort but is a profound vehicle for discovering personal truth.” ~ Peter Franceschetti

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