Writer Unleashed

Liberate your voice, get out of your own way, and write.


You know your story could be masterful. Even publishable. If only you could go the distance.

Problem is, you’re feeling stuck. You’re hitting snags along the way. You can’t stay focused. Or motivated. Time is in ever-shorter supply. And all you want to do is write.

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to introduce you to my signature class, Writer Unleashed.

Writer Unleashed is a self-paced online writing course that combines audio lectures with exercises designed to get you writing the stories you were born to tell.

During the Writer Unleashed sessions, you will break through creative roadblocks, harness your time and energy, and write with more joy, freedom, and mastery.

This course is for you and your writing if one or more of these apply:           

  • You’ve reached an impasse in your work and don’t know what’s holding you back, let alone how to break through it.
  • You just can’t seem to keep a consistent, productive writing practice going. The kind of practice that’s worthy of the story you’re bringing into the world, a practice that propels a rough idea all the way to finished manuscript.
  • You experience frequent bouts of despair, confusion, lack of motivation, and frustration.
  • You don’t feel like a real writer because you haven’t published. Let’s dispel that notion, once and for all, shall we?
  • The standard writing advice such as “Write what you know,” or “Show, don’t tell”  aren’t helping you much. In fact, they’re making your work feel contrived rather than inspired.
  • You’re having trouble keeping creative juice flowing long enough to realize your work’s highest potential.

Who Am I?

I’m Nanci Panuccio, founder of The Emerging Writers Studio.

I’m a published writer, creative writing coach, and mother to an 8-year-old wild child.

As a writer who once struggled with story after story and battled limiting beliefs about my abilities, I deeply understand the questions, challenges and concerns you’re facing now.

It took me years to get a solid practice down, to make the writing process more fun, to lean into all the uncertainty and doubt with a sense of curiosity and awe, and to finally write with a mix of unstoppable momentum and control. I’ve acquired a lot of strategies and mindset shifts along the way, which I’m now passing onto you with Writer Unleashed.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • 4 Training Modules, each focused on a core concept that will shift your thinking about the creative process, about the craft of writing, and even about your own potential.
  • Each module is split into four 15- 20-minute audio lessons so you can start revving up your writing practice without overwhelm.
  • Over 15 Reading and Writing Exercises. I’ve taken the most powerful exercises from my own teachings, plus exercises from creative masters such as Twyla Tharp, Pamela Painter, Jack Hodgins, Claudia Johnson, Janet Burroway and more. These exercises will teach you to think and read like a writer. More important, they’ll get you writing.
  • You’ll also get a complete transcript of each lesson in downloadable PDF. This is handy if you’d rather read than listen to the audio. These are also great for review, since you can scan them quickly to find the point you want.
  • Bonus Jumpstart Lessons to help you maximize your time and energy and create a writing ritual that works for you.
  • A Private Facebook Group for Writer Unleashed students and graduates. Give and receive support, feedback, inspiration, and encouragement from your fellow participants.

“I recommend Writer Unleashed. The program delivers what it promises. It creates excitement for writing and gives the extra push needed if you are stuck.” Rebecca Vasquez Thompson

Write your best work yet.

Writer Unleashed is designed to dissolve barriers that are coming between you and your most powerful work. Some of these barriers are so deeply ingrained, it requires a total shift in consciousness to shake them loose. We’re going to get back in touch with why we’re driven to write in the first place. I’ve carefully chosen writing exercises that help you write stories that deeply matter –  to you and to your readers. Be prepared to surprise yourself.

“The exercises you provided were thought-provoking and I appreciated your feedback throughout the course. This was just what I needed to feel more confident about my writing. Ideas for new stories revealed themselves that I didn’t know I had in me. Thank you!”~ Diane Watanabe

Who this class is for:

Aspiring writers of short stories, personal essays, novels, and memoir. You might have a story that’s still in the early stages of development. Or a fully formed novel that feels unwieldy to revise. Maybe you have a deep hunger to write, but don’t know how to start. You just need a loving push in the right direction, and the confidence to know you can do it. And you want to bring more of you into your work. Your voice, your vision, your own take on the world.

If that’s you, here’s what I’ve got:


For many writers, staying in a state of productive engagement with our work is just about the hardest thing to do. So much gets between you and your writing.  Your job. Your kids.  Lovers. Facebook.

But the only way to gain mastery in our work is to reach and stay in a state of flow.

You know what flow feels like because as a child, you were in flow most of the time.  That is your natural state, even if you find it harder now to get there.

The good news is that flow can be re-learned. We just need to remind ourselves how to tap into it. And then create rituals that support our deepest engagement with our writing. So that we can approach our work with a sense of serious play. So that it feels natural again.

In this class, we’re going to talk about getting a lot more flow, as quickly as possible.

A synopsis of what we’ll cover:

  • The dynamics of flow and how to reach a flow state in your writing easily.
  • The nature of mastery and how to apply that directly to your writing, starting now.
  • How to collaborate with uncertainty.
  • How to stay motivated, even when your writing is not going as well as you had hoped.


We’re often instructed to “find our own voice.” But I think there’s a mistaken premise here, that it’s out there somewhere. Voice isn’t something outside of us in need of finding. Your voice is not lost. It’s inside you. You just need to give it the time and space to emerge.

This module is about thoughts and misconceptions that block your voice. It’s about how to reach into that deep reservoir of experiences, memories and events that have profound meaning for you, so that you can move your readers. It’s about eliminating self censorship. So you can tell your story through your vision, your spin on the world, and all that you are. That’s what it’s all about. Otherwise we’d all be writing the same books.

A synopsis of what we’ll cover:

  • What voice is and why yours matters.
  • How to stop censoring yourself, once and for all.
  • How to turn around faulty mindsets that keep you from fully engaging with your work.
  • How to create the conditions that allow your voice to flourish.


In this class, we’re going to unwrap some of the most common writing mantras, such as “Write what you know,” and “Show, don’t tell.” We’ll turn these and other “rules” on their head so that you can expand your approach to writing and stop trying to squeeze your story into preconceived templates. It’s not that any of the standard advice is wrong. Or bad. For my money, it just doesn’t go deep enough. And when these rules are not explored, they can restrict your writing. I want your writing to breathe.

A synopsis of what we’ll cover:

  • What it really means to write what you know.
  • How writing towards what you don’t know can liberate you.
  • Why our fictional characters, just like real people, often don’t, can’t, or won’t change, and what needs to change instead.
  • The difference between plot and story and which one you should develop first.
  • When it’s better to tell and not show, and vice versa.
  • How to blend showing and telling to their best combined effect.


That’s right. You know more about writing than you probably realize.

In this class, we’ll talk about how to simulate what you do naturally every day and transfer it onto the page.

We’ll demystify some of the most complicated craft issues including point of view, selection of details, creating characters, creating atmosphere, and writing dialogue. We’ll explore what our  human impulses can teach us about the craft of writing, impulses you engage in every day, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

A synopsis of what we’ll cover:

  • How the filtering process we do moment by moment can help you select relevant details in your story.
  • Why we create characters out of the people we know out of necessity, and how to parlay that invention into your prose.
  • How subtext and the code we speak in every day can add texture to your written dialogue.
  • The difference between our public life and our secret life, and what that has to do with creating characters.
  • How to tune into all the clues embedded in your early drafts so you can revise more intuitively and efficiently.

In You Already Know How to Write, we’re going to focus on becoming sharper observers of our own mind, and of the world around us. We’ll become more aware of how we interact with the people in our lives, and how we continually search for and derive meaning from our real life experiences.

Move beyond being a person who wants to write to someone who actually writes.

I’ve designed Writer Unleashed from the ground up to teach you ways of thinking, understanding, and acting that will get creative juice flowing back into your writing as fast as possible. We’ll discuss habits and mindsets that all productive writers practice.

Frameworks That Grow With You and Your Writing

This isn’t a quick fix course that tells you how to write your novel in 30 days. I’m not giving you a set of rules, but principles and subtle shifts in consciousness that will serve you over the life of your writing career. And I’ll help you rely on your own instincts so that you can access craft from that deep reservoir of knowing within you, not just writing books and blogs.



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“For the aspiring writer who has limited time and funds, this is a fabulous opportunity to hone one’s craft.” ~ Diane Watanabe

Write From The Heart

With Writer Unleashed,  you’ll learn to access the memories and obsessions that refuse to let you go, what Robert Frost called our “immortal wounds.” These often lead to our best stories. They’re also the stories we resist writing the most. You’ll learn to identify and mine your obsessions as endless sources for your fiction and creative non-fiction. When you’re finished, you will learn to trust your ability to write great stories. You’ll gain momentum. And you will have the confidence to keep going.

“I am so glad to have been a part of this class. Thank you, Nanci, for your hard work and putting together a wonderful learning experience for a writer. Yes, I am calling myself a writer again!”

~ Rebecca Vasquez Thompson



Finding Your Flow

Master and Motivation

Collaborating With Uncertainty

Write More Productively


Defining Voice

Why Your Voice Matters

Keeping the Channels Open

Dissolving the Barriers


Write What You Don’t Know

Plot versus Story

Show and Tell

Character Change and Epiphany


Selecting Significant Details

Creating Characters

Creating Atmosphere

Creating Dialogue



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